Lifting platform without shaft and without wall fixings


Versatile solution
EasyPlat is the lifting platform solution for all environments: your house, the block of flats where you live or all public spaces such as offices, shops or restaurants. It guarantees full comfort and has been designed to overcome small travel like a few steps or even an entire floor in complete safety as it reaches 3 meters travel.

Simple, thanks to the absence of masonry works
EasyPlat simply stands on the floor. It has and integrated access ramp and it does not require any pit. Load-bearing walls are not required.
EasyPlat only needs minimal space, it does not require a machine room or any external cabinet: everything is fitted in the installation spaces!

230 Vac single phase

230 Vac single phase

Max Payload

Max Payload

Suggested use

Suggested use






Stylish for your home

EasyPlat has been designed to fit all environments including your house and your beloved spaces.
The EasyPlat neat design offers unique details thanks to the essential and wisely shaped profiles, upper and lower lighting with LED strips and large windows.


Perfect for your block of flats

EasyPlat can be installed in the block of flats where you live to help everyone overcome small travels that make it difficult to move between levels.


Functional in any public environment

EasyPlat is the ideal solution to overcome architectural barriers even in public environments. It will ensure easy access for everyone in schools, shops, restaurants and offices.

Why choose EasyPlat

  • Maximum level of safety

  • Take advantage of most of available space

  • Extremely silent

  • Reduced purchase and maintenance costs

  • Quick assembly time: maximum 1 day

  • Italian style, with sophisticated design, LED strips and double controls panels

  • Absolute absence of masonry works (no pit needed)

  • Minimal aesthetic impact

  • Can be installed both outdoor and indoor

  • Made in Italy: built in Parma with care and passion


Technical features

Travel: Max 3000 mm – Min. 600 mm
Installation adjustment: +/- 50 mm
Load: 400 kg
Stops: 2 Max
Entrances: Front and rear only
Controls: Hold-to-run button onboard and on landing
Installation: Indoor or outdoor
Platform dimensions (L1xL2):
1100 x 1400 mm
900 x 1400 mm
900 x 1250 mm
Minimum headroom required: 1800 mm
Pit depth: Not required: integrated ramp (Floor height: 70 mm)
Drive: Electromechanical motor with belt
Operation: Push button
Remote Control: 2 pieces kit (included)
Maximum speed: Max 0,10 m/sec (6 m/min)
Cycles/hour: 10 max
Temperatures range: -5°C / + 40°C
Noise: less than 30 dB
Power supply: Single-phase 230 Vac – 50-60 Hz
Installed power: 1.1 kW
Max. Absorption: 16 A
Electrical cabinet: On-board
Drive mechanism: On-board
Reference standard:
CE Mark – In compliance to BS6440-2011 and D.M. 2006/42/CE


13772 – PVC “Eternal Collection”
Eternal Brushed Aluminium

13712 – PVC “Eternal Collection”
Eternal Brushed Chrome

42292 – PVC “Eternal Collection”
Eternal Charcoal Slate

5 bar aluminium tread plate

Steel structure painting

RAL painting
RAL 9010 – Pure white

RAL painting
RAL 7035 Light grey – Standard

RAL painting
RAL 9006 – White aluminium

RAL painting


Natural – Standard


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