Elevator installation: how long does it take?

How to choose an elevator

Having an elevator in your own home or building is very convenient. However, the classic lifts, designed for large buildings, can take a long time for installation and huge expenses. However, there is an alternative, equally functional, that will allow you to keep costs down and optimize times

The installation of a standard-sized elevator generally requires  construction works, such as the adaptation of the landing and an important pit to house the mechanical parts of the elevator. If this effort is necessary in large buildings and public places, it can be avoided in small condominiums and private houses.

Avoiding the installation of the lift, especially in case of need, is still not a good idea. That’s why indoor and outdoor mini-lifts can be the right solution to combine economic spending, comfort and safety. If you plan to install an elevator in a private home, there may be unsuitable structures to support the weight of a lift. On the other hand, a mini-lift can safely be installed in attics and intermediate floors, without excessively modifying the design of your home.

Indoor and outdoor mini-lift: what are the advantages?

The installation of an elevator in a private house could cause some inconvenience during the assembly period. That’s why AreaLift has created a quick and easy assembly system: our partner will get on site with the pre-assembled structure and  pre-wired electrical parts, in order to limit as much as possible the installation time.

The lift platform has an integrated traction system that guarantees safety and travelling comfort without the need to dig pits or make other masonry works. AreaLift mini lifts, such as  DomoFlex model, are very performing: they can load up to 500kg.

Safety first

The mini lifts are obviously equipped with all safety standards. They have anti-seismic structures and  an innovative anti-blackout system. In the event of a sudden power cut, the cabin – if in use – will stop on the first floor, so as never to be trapped in it.

The structures designed by AreaLift respond well to any type of vibration and integrate well into small rooms in both modern and old houses. If you choose an outdoor lift, we can provide models capable of withstanding the most difficult weather conditions: excessive heat, cold and humidity. Our outdoor lifts can even be mounted along a single load-bearing wall and can travel up to 12 meters.

Every home needs a bespoke solution: AreaLift consultants will be able to show you the most suitable model for your home. Bespoke solution is our mantra!